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The Luck of the Buttons

The Luck of the Buttons - Anne Ylvisaker I have two words for this book. “Ridicously Charming”. I listened to it on audio in my car and kept trying to find excuses to drive places just so I can listen to it some more. Tugs Button is a fiesty female character, definitely an underdog. I think librarians, teachers and even parents should pick this up/recommend this to children who feel misunderstood, unheard, unappreciated or generally unlucky. They’ll see part of themselves in Tugs Button. Tugs is an underdog you will want to root for. I think fans of Anne of Green Gables will enjoy this book too. The setting is a couple of decades later in Iowa but has all of that old-fashioned rural charm of the L.M. Montgomery books. I think teachers will love this book because of it’s focus on vocabulary. Tugs learns a lot about herself and the world around her by looking up key words in the dictionary. I thought this was a great element to the book.

I listened to this on audio and it’s read by Laura Hamilton. The actress did a wonderful job with all the voices. I felt like at times Tugs’ voice changed a bit but the narrator would eventually get right on track. And boy did the narrator know how to do funny older voices. They cracked me up! Overall, a very entertaining performance.