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Metamorphosis: Junior Year

Metamorphosis: Junior Year - Betsy Franco Listening to this was a real treat. It's a short audio book, about 2 hours on 2 CDs. It was a delight listening to Betsy Franco's sons David Franco and James Franco (yes THE James Franco) read their mom's book. This book is heavily influenced by Ovid's Metamorphosis which was one of my favorite books to read in college. My favorite part, funny enough, was the informational part at the end that talked about Ovid's life, work, exile, and death. I'm glad this was included because as fun as it is to read a re-envisioning of Ovid's Metamorphosis (in a high school setting no less) I think it's also really important to understand that what Ovid wrote was also a re-envisioning of the mythological stories that he and his contemporaries were so familiar with.