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The Man Who Seduced Hollywood: The Life and Loves of Greg Bautzer, Tinseltown's Most Powerful Lawyer
B. James Gladstone
The Passage of Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson
Robert A. Caro
David Copperfield
Charles Dickens, David Gates
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - L. Frank Baum A wonderful adventure! I listened to this on audio, Anne Hathaway narrating. That Audible version doesn't seem to be listed on Goodreads though. Having despised the movie for years, I'm surprised I picked up the book. And even more surprised that I liked it as much as I did. I highly recommend Anne Hathaway's narration which was top-notch. I think I want to read the physical book later though.

This was my first book as part of The Classics Club Challenge hosted by Jillian of A Room of One's Own http://jillianreadsbooks2.wordpress.com/

You can read my full review of the book here: http://quellebooks.blogspot.com/2012/04/classics-project-book-1-wonderful.html