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B. James Gladstone
The Passage of Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson
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Charles Dickens, David Gates
Frost - Wendy Delsol Frost takes on a wild ride from America Mid-West, to Iceland to Greenland with a good dose of Norse Mythology thrown in to spice things up. In Stork, Katla comes to understand that she is part of an ancient society of Storks, women who can place souls with to-be-mothers. She also falls for Jack, as in Jack Frost, a fellow teen in high school who also is coming to terms with his magical abilities, in this case it's changing the weather. Stork sets everything up and leaves Frost to be purely adventure. I got sucked in right away and Frost kept my attention all the way through. It definitely helps if you've 1) read Stork and 2) enjoy Norse Mythology. If you enjoy reading magical realism and want to try something fresh and different, definitely read Stork and Frost!