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A Long, Long Sleep - Anna Sheehan Sleeping Beauty meets Sci-Fi.

I'm not a Sci-Fi or Fantasy reader so I was pleasantly surprised that I loved this book so much. I grew so attached to it that I cursed anything that would take me away from it. It's such a fantastic and enjoyable read. What I think the author did really well was she created this futuristic world but doesn't bog down the reader with too many characters, too many backstories, too many new vocabulary words and too much of the world's history. You get enough to understand what's going on but not so much that you get lost and need to either take notes or refer to a glossary of terms (there is none here) in order to follow along. I also liked that there were only a smattering of characters and because it's written in first-person the story is anchored by the main character Rose. The cover is gorgeous and significant to the story. Make sure you keep it in mind as you the book.

Rose Fitzroy has been in stassis, a type of drug-induced sleep that prevents aging, for the past 60 years. The world she left behind is vastly different from the world she wakes up to. Her family, her friends, the love of her life, all gone and she's still 16 and still under the jurisdiction of UniCorp and the school. As she tries to come to terms with this new world she also starts to understand what exactly happened to get her where she is now. The true story of her past unfolds and it's a difficult one to come to terms to. But Rose isn't safe. A Plastine, a plastic zombie killer, is out to terminate her and she must find out why before it's too late. This book is part sci-fi, part adventure, part romance, part coming of age story and all beautiful. I really hope folks will give this book a try.