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Charles Dickens, David Gates
A Year Without Autumn - Liz Kessler A very charming story from the author of the Emily Windsnap series. This book is a departure from Emily Windsnap and her fantastical world of mermaids but it bases itself on the same thing. A young girl, put in unusual and magical circumstances and trying to make sense of things on her own. Jenni is in many ways a normal 11 year old. A pair of doting parents, an annoying little brother, a baby sister on the way and a best friend. Said bff, Autumn, is the polar opposite of Jenni. Autumn is vivacious, opinionated, outgoing, erratic and often a spaz. Jenni is calm, thoughtful and dotes on Autumn. They are very close best friends. When Jenni goes to visit Autumn at Condo #210, Jenni takes the wrong elevator and finds herself in another year. And boy have things gone wrong since then. This book is a fun read but also thought-provoking too. I think kids will really like the time-travel element and the best-friend dynamic in the story.