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Sister Mischief - Laura Goode Sister Mischief is a very charming novel and you won't be able NOT to fall in love with the Jewish Lesbian teen protagonist Esme Ruth Rockett. Esme is a rapper at heart and she and her friends form Sister Mischief, a hip-hop group consistently entirely of an eclectic mix of teen girls. So much of Esme's circumstance is an anomaly. She is a lesbian hip-hopper minority in the middle of a very white Christian town in the American mid-west. Finding herself, her sexuality, her passion for hip-hop in the midst of a lot of opposition and prejudice. Esme and her friends start a group called 4H, Hip-Hop for Heteros and Homos, an LGBT/Straight alliance for sex positivity and a more positive hip-hop culture. It's quite brave considering 1) they are in high school and 2) they are in the middle of a very conservative community. I was a particularly shy teen (also a minority) who never took risks so I admire Esme's character for putting everything on the line to be who she wanted to be in a very volatile time in her young life.

I love this particular line that Esme says to her love interest in the story, "It made me feel invincible. It made me feel like we were charting a course and the world just had to suck it up and follow us wherever we wanted to take them."

This book is wonderful for different groups of people: young LGBT teens discovering their own sexuality, YA readers who want to try something refreshing and different, hip-hop enthusiasts as well as poetry fanatics, etc. The author is a very talented writer. Her prose is lyrical and she also includes a lot of original hip-hop lyrics for Esme's character and Sister Mischief. There are also texts and tweets mixed in throughout the prose and lyrics.