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Another Faust  - Daniel Nayeri, Dina  Nayeri, Katherine Kellgren Katherine Kellgren has an extraordinary talent for accents. Russian, French, Italian, British (various kinds), American, you name it she's got it down pat. So with all the different voices in Another Faust, it was necessary to have a narrator with this sort of talent. Kellgren has the type of voice that makes you feel like you are being read a fairy tale which added an entertaining element to this audio book. You feel like you are being transported into a magical world through her voice. It's really quite astounding.

Another Faust, by Daniel and Dina Nayeri, is about 5 15-year olds, 3 of which have sold their souls to the devil in the form of their governess Madame Vileroy. But all 5 want something. Christian wants to be a successful athlete, Victoria wants power, Valentin wants the gift of writing, Belle wants to be beautiful and Bice wants to speak every language. They attend the prestigious Marlowe school in Manhattan and get into all sorts of trouble with their gifts.

Kellgren does an amazing job keeping all the characters distinct by giving them unique voices. There is one scene in which all 5 characters are in a room together talking and she switches back and forth between them with ease. It sounded as though it were 5 narrators instead of just 1. I couldn't help getting lost in the world of the Faust children and Madame Vileroy. Listening to this audio book was such an amazing experience.