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Girl Parts - John M. Cusick I really enjoyed how this book deals with a very real problem facing today's youth especially in the light of the rapid advancement in technology. Kids today are disassociated from reality because they live so much of their lives attached to media especially the internet. Girl Parts demonstrates a not-so distant future in which young male teens with disassociative disorder undergo a very special therapy which involves a female robot companion that teaches them how to properly interact with another human. We first follow David Sun, who is very disassociated and his parents are worried about him after he willingly witnessed a live suicide on the internet. David gets Rose, a Sakora Companion, and through his interactions with her we learn just how disassociated he is. David's polar opposite is Charlie. He's a loner with a peculiar interest in botany. He's been abandoned by his mother and lives in the boonies with his Dad. He's the least disassociated. He feels for others and develops a relationship with Rose that goes beyond just seeing her a sexbot. I really enjoyed the opposing characters and how Rose anchors the story. I have read many bloggers review this and not one of them mentioned the ongoing flower theme. Sakora's logo is a cherry blossom, all the companions are named after flowers, Charlie has a special interest in botany, girl parts physically resemble flowers, etc. The author did a great job tying all of this in. I would have liked to see another theme, perhaps a biblical one especially since Rose is a creation of humans and becomes almost human herself and many of the places in the story had religious and biblical names. This book I think is misunderstood from it's provocative cover, to it's unique look at a real problem, to it's treatment of it's characters. Read this with an open mind and you'll enjoy it.