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Sophomore Switch - Abby McDonald Nathasha and Emily are total opposites. Natasha is a fun-loving carefree Californian who was just embroiled in a major tabloid scandal when she was caught on video, topless in a hot tub with 1/2 of a major Hollywood celebrity couple. Emily is an uber-organized English student studying feminist philosophy and is on the fast track to a career as an attorney in London but has had an emotional setback with the end of her relationship with Sebastian her boyfriend. Both girls sign up for a semester abroad and wind up in the most unlikely place.

There are several elements I really like about this book. First you have a time constraint, the whole story takes place over one college semester. Then you have two characters, opposites who switch sides and experience a life completely different from their own. I think understanding the opposite of what you are is very important for introspection. Also, the writing is witty, the character's narratives are distinctive and I found myself laughing out loud during several parts of the novel. At one point towards the end I felt the story drag a bit but it quickly picked up.

I loved Abby McDonald's Boys, Bears and a Serious Pair of Hiking Boots so I was hoping I would like Sophomore Switch and I did! I'm looking forward to her next book The Anti-Prom.