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Charles Dickens, David Gates
Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement - Kathryn Joyce I'm a bit disappointed in this book. It really is the only book out there exclusively about this religious movement that is quickly picking up steam and is getting a lot of media coverage with The Duggars and vocal Quiverfull families like the Jeubs. But it's not really a comprehensive look at the movement. In fact, only the second half is about the Quiverfull movement. If you look at the index, this 240+ page book has it's first mention of the word "Quiverfull" on page 134! The first half is mostly about various forms of reformed christian movements, sects, offshoots, etc. It's written by a very interesting woman. I've heard her speak on the topic of the Quiverfull movement before. Her voice is very monotone and scholarly. That carries over only a little bit in the writing. Sometimes, quotes were absent and it seemed like the author as narrator was supporting the movement by speaking on behalf of its followers rather than givin a neautral unbiased look at it. I came away from the book utterly confused. I'm fascinated by this movement and I really wanted to learn more but I leave this book with only a few tidbits of information that were enlightening. Read this only if you are completely obsessed (in an objective way) with the movement like I am but avoid it if you only have a passing interest.