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Blood & Chocolate - Mark Zero Blood & Chocolate is a superb story about a toffee empire and the cursed Hawthorne family to whom that empire is tied. The novel is full of things like extra-marital affairs, murders, family secrets, shady inheritances, insanity, etc., however it is not to be mistaken for a cheap mass-market thriller. The writing is at a pace that matches the setting and allows the reader to be swept away by the story. There are several classic film references dotted throughout the text which for me was a special treat. Marnie Hawthorne could not really be called the protagonist but she is by far the most interesting character in the story. She lived a quiet life in England until her grandmother Dorothy passes and leaves Marnie the Hawthorne Toffee empire. I'm always fascinated by stories of people whose lives changed drastically and how they react to that change. The way Marnie deals with this new phase in her life is by no means predictable and she will keep you intrigued like she does the members of the small community she is now a part of. I recommend this story to anyone who likes a fine yarn that is well-written and interesting. Mark Zero